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Tracking kids with GPS

Use satellites to monitor your children

Track your kid with a GPS watch

The Global Positioning System, more commonly known as GPS, is used for much more than just giving you directions while driving. Of interest to parents, GPS can be used to keep tabs on where your children are.

Tracking using your child’s cell phone

As smartphones become more affordable and trickle down to even younger children, it seems there’s not a kid over the age of 10 anymore that isn’t carrying around a phone. There are certain software apps that can be installed on cell phones that will use GPS to determine the location of the phone (and presumably, your child) 24/7. Parents can track the phone location online with software such as AccuTracking.

Some cell phone service providers such as Sprint and Verizon also offer phone tracking services for a nominal monthly cost.

Of course, neither of these options will work if the phone is turned off or if the battery goes dead.

Tracking teen drivers with GPS

It’s a moment most parents dread — when that little baby grows into a full-fledged teenager right before your eyes, and, even worse, gets their drivers license. Those that want to make sure their teens are not taking off on unannounced road trips can track the car they are driving with a GPS tracking device.

Some devices are “plug and play,” while others require hard wired installation. Generally there is a monthly service fee for unlimited tracking.

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The added benefit is that the devices can also be used to track your vehicle if it is stolen.

Track your young child with a GPS watch

For the ultimate in tracking, parents afraid of stranger danger or want to protect an autistic child from wandering incidents can equip their child with a GPS watch.

Besides telling the time, these watches have a GPS receiver built into them, allowing a parent to determine the precise location of their kid through a computer or cell phone.

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