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Best low cost shampoo and conditioner

suaveThis one’s for the girls.

I’ll never forget a story that was once told to me by an up’n'coming hair stylist, a story that may just be an urban legend. When the new stylist asked a mother/daughter pair who came to her salon as a walk-in (noticing their beautiful manes), she asked what kind of shampoo they used — the daughter replied, “Su Avenue.”

“Su Avenue?,” asked the perplexed stylist, “I’ve never heard of that before. How do you spell it?”

“S-u-a-v-e,” said the mother, confused as to why the stylist would ask her this.

But, don’t let that sway you. Suave isn’t just for the uneducated, it’s not just a cheapo alternative, but it just so happens to be one of the best shampoos and conditioners on the market, especially for the money. Suave Professionals touts their generic versions of biolage and Redken right on the label.

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Several years ago, Consumer Reports rated Suave’s Professional line one of the best shampoos and conditioners for the price, comparing it’s ingredients to similiar hair care products that were 10X the price. I can usually pick up Suave Professionals for about $1.97 each at Target.

So, say goodbye to mom hair. Price is no longer a reason for bad hair.

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