Things you can clean in the dishwasher and didn’t know it

There are many everyday items you can wash in your dishwasher. Photo via Marlon Paul Bruin.

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Some of these tricks we learned from our sister, who uses the dishwasher to clean things that we never even thought of:

  • Sponges – they come out disinfected and sparkly clean
  • Makeup brushes – I’ve also tried this and it works!
  • Heater filters – this was recommended by our HVAC guy, who said if you have all metal, permanent filters, the dishwasher is the best place to clean them. I’ve also tried this with great success.
  • Soap trays and toothbrush holders – I have also done this many times and been impressed with the outcome. I’ve also heard you can clean toothbrushes in there, but honestly, I just throw them away before a drastic measure like that is needed.
  • Shoes – I haven’t tried this yet, but the DIY site says that any shoes that you’d throw into the machine wash, you can put in your dishwasher.
  • Baseball caps – I haven’t tried this either, but it’s supposed to clean while preserving the hat’s shape
  • Trash can lids – This is one that I’m going to try this weekend. I’m so excited. (I don’t get out much.)
  • Kid’s toys – Another success story. Germs be gone!

Note: Most of these items are best put on the top shelf, to avoid damage.

Let us know if you have worked in your dishwasher and what hasn’t.


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