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Salt water mouthwash: Cheap and effective remedy for mouth sores

Salt can help kill bacteria in your mouth.

While your child might complain or protest, I’ve found the best way to disinfect a mouth, with any kind of cut or sore, is to rinse your mouth out with salt water. I know – ew. But it really does work!

I make mine pretty darn salty. I just fill up a small cup, about half-way, then I load it with about 1 to 2 tablespoons of table salt and stir. Make sure your child has already brushed their teeth or won’t be consuming anything else for a few hours, otherwise it will wash away all the therapeutic properties of the salt.

Supposedly, salt rinses heal sores in the mouth because it balances out the acid in the mouth.

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True story — I have a brother-in-law who cut the roof of his mouth with french bread. Apparently the crust had a super sharp edge to. After a few days, the cut in his mouth started to get infected. Eventually, it got so bad he had to go to the dentist after his whole mouth swelled up to the point where he couldn’t eat or talk properly. The dentist prescribed antibiotics and had to lance the infection. (I know, ew again.) He told my brother-in-law — had he rinsed his mouth out with salt water for a few days after the injury, he likely would have avoided the infection altogether.

This has been a tried and true remedy in my house. Any time my kids get canker or cold sores inside their mouths, they know the drill. Gargle with salt water and let the healing begin.

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